"Au Vieux Chalet" Restaurant's meals and menus 

The 4 * La Ferme du Lac hotel and its restaurant Au Vieux Chalet will be closed from Saturday December 21 to Wednesday December 25, 2019 included. Reopening on December 26 afternoon.

We wish you excellent end of year celebrations!

Food made with local products depending of seasons

You will find "à la carte" dishes made with local products depending of seasons. As well as our « daily specials », menus and chef’s suggestions.

A generous and tasty cuisine, adapted to specific diets

In all our menus, vegetarian dishes are offered. On request, we can adapt our cuisine to specific diets: without salt, without gluten, vegan, without sugars...

Salads and staters

  • 6.00 € Green salad

    Green salad

  • 9.00 € Chez Arno from Mieussy snails

    With their shells covered by their famous garlic herb butter

  • 11.00 € The Jerusalem Artichock

    Velcet, perfect egg, sparkling of purslane graden from Baud, crushed roasted hazelnuts, little croutons

  • 13.00 € The Goat cheese from La Pierre à Laya

    Tartichèvre, potatoes, smocked bacon, foam of goat cheese from la Pierre à Laya, sorbet of rocket salad

  • 16.00 € The Scallops

    Just snacked, leek declination, raviole, salted dentelle, creamy of coral urchin

  • 19.00 € The Foie Gras

    Duck foie gras half-cooked, fig and nuts marbled, jelly of Boukka, lukewarm brioche


  • 27.00 € The Beef

    Our way beef tartare, grilled potatoes, some leaves

    Another version, grilled for a few seconds

  • 27.00 € The Guinea Fowl

    Guinea fowl leg from Ardeche, stuffed with black olives, chorizo juice, early vegetables, spelt with paëlla flavour

  • 28.00 € The Pork from A to Z

    Square cooked low temperature, glazed with honey and balsamique vinegar, red mustard juice frome Baud, early vegetables, mashed Butternut

  • 29.00 € The Veal

    Rumb of veal cooked low temperature, caramelized, two cooking calf weestbread, lemon balm juice, early vegetables, fried potatoes


  • 25.00 € The Cod Fish Skrei

    Cod fish cooked with cocoa butter, parkling butter sauce with 'Ayze de chez Belluard", aerly vegetablezs, polenta with herbs

  • 28.00 € Clin d'oeil Canadien

    "Chaudrée du Quebec" fishes and shellfishes... perwinkle, whelk, mussel, dorado, monkfish, red mullet, langoustines, aïoli, grilled bread, rice three colors and early vegetables

  • 31.00 € The Lobster

    Like a couscous, langoustine, scallops, sea fruits, lbster sauce, spiced semolina, caramelized chickpeas

Vegetarian corner

  • 20.00 € The Jerusalem Artichock

    Main course version. Velvet, perfect egg, sparkling of purslane garden from Baud, crushed roasted hazelnuts, little croutons

  • 22.00 € The Risotto

    Spelt cooked in vegetables juice, with Beaufort and Soja milk, small vegetables, pesto, crackling biscuit

  • 23.00 € The Buddha Bowl

    Méli-Mélo of early vegetables, panais, boulgour, cereals bio, ricotta, soft-boiled egg, early spinach

  • 23.00 € The Vegi Burger

    Homemade bread with seaweed, small vegetables, candied vegetables galette, ricotta, cabbage Kale, black raddish, pesto of fennel


  • 5.00 € Plain cottage cheese

    Plain served cottage cheese complement with sugar

  • 5.00 € Fudge cottage cheese

    Cottage cheese served with the fudge of the moment

  • 7.00 € Traditional plate

    Typical cheese from our region

The desserts

  • 10.00 € Gourmet coffee or tea

    Surprise dessert

  • 19.00 € Gourmet champagne

    Surprise desserts accompanied by a flute of champagne

  • 8.00 € Tonka Beans

    Crème brûlée with Tonka Beans, apple compote from Savoie, iced cinnamon

  • 9.00 € The Kaki

    Creamy, shortbread with spices, candied banana, cofee emulsion, cocoa sorbet

  • 9.00 € The Chocolat

    Checkmate around foam of Gianduja, lemon creamy, biscuit madeleine, chocolat ganache from Saint Domingue, iced vanilla

  • 10.00 € The Pineapple

    Carpaccio, salpicon of kiwi, chastnut honey from Bellevaux, crocking bubble of sugar flamed with rum, iced coco

  • 10.00 € The mandarin

    Without sugar added... greedy declination between this fruit, sweet potato and vanilla

Our specialities

  • 20.00 € Our Land's inescapable Croziflette

    Croziflette with green salad

  • 23.00 €
  • 35.00 €
  • 27.00 €
  • 26.00 €